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Shipping -  SSK will provide airfare, safe transportation and delivery to the airport, health certificate, airline shipping kennel and flight scheduling for $400.00, inclusive.

SSK - will  provide de-worming, micro-chipping, dew claw removal and first vaccination without additional charge (these amenities are intended with the sale of every pup, but neither their occurrence nor result are guaranteed, warrantied or otherwise required as a condition of sale).

Pricing  -  Pups from all dilute litters
(Silver, Charcoal, Champagne, etc.) are offered for $1,500.00 with Full AKC Registration, unless otherwise stated
All other phenotypes (coat colors) are priced individually at the time of offering.

Deposits:   $200.00 and is fully refundable (up until whelp) - less service charges by PayPal, if applicable (generally applies when a cancellation occurs after thirty days).


Hey, are you looking for me?


Now Accepting Deposits

Darci and Sahsa (see below)



Genotype: EEbbdd



STELLA whelped 9 beautiful, healthy pups for her last litter over a 6 hour period - 5 handsome, big males and 4 gorgeous female pups (all one pound or more) - everyone got a pup of the gender of their choice - and they are ALL RESERVED.   Stella is doing great, and as always, is a super Mom!!



Stella successfully underwent her spay procedure today and is now in the process of healing in preparation for her final destination in VT, where it is hoped she will retire to far greener pastures, lakes and many retrievals of balls and toys!


Donna - Stafford Township, NJ / "Grayson" f/k/a  Mr. Black

Boyd & Ellen - Whitecourt Alberta, Canada / "Atticus" f/k/a/ Mr. Blue

Amy - Charlotte, NC / "Roby" f/k/a/ Mr. Yellow

Shannon and daughter Zoe - Staunton, VA / "Jasper" f/k/a Mr. Green

Courtney & Jonathan - Thomasville, NC / "Ruger" f/k/a  Mr. Red


Tacy / Brandywine, MD / Ms. Purple

Kelly / Belmont, NC - "Luna" f/k/a  Ms. Beige

Phil and Jeanne - Kenney, TX / "Memphis" f/k/a Ms. White

David & Bonita - Due West, SC / Ms. Orange


Stella will be retiring to a wonderful home and rural setting in Barre, VT with SeVern, where she will be able to run, swim and play to her heart's content!

We wish to thank each of you that took the time and effort to consider providing Stella with a new home.  There were many that were wonderfully qualified - but we ultimately decided this opportunity presented the very best for Stella.

SSK thanks each of you again!

*** SSK reserves the right to cancel any adoption up until delivery.  Adoption of Stella is a 'gift' (not a purchase) and therefore ownership does not transfer until actual delivery.  SSK will refund spay fees, if paid, under such circumstances.



We are now accepting deposits on the first litter (all 'silvers') of DARCI and OTIS.   We anticipate that Darci will come into her second 'heat' about the middle of May. This mating should produce large, exceptionally athletic pups, with wonderful speed and conformation.  If you are interested in this pairing, 'jump on board' early!


1.    Josh / Baltimore, MD
2.    Rose / Beulaville, NC
3.    Angie / Cary, NC


1.    Leslie & David / Youngsville, NC



Sasha is our beautiful charcoal female that is expected to be bred with Otis in late May or early June. Sasha can whelp silver and/or charcoal pups in the same litter - every pup has been spectacular in the past, and this litter is certainly expected to be no less.  If you are looking for a gorgeous charcoal pup, this is your only opportunity from our kennel.

    'c' - charcoal
      's' - silver




1.    Claudia & Paul / Alexander, VA (c)


Reba did come into heat this last cycle, but did not ovulate, therefore, did not mate.  Unfortunate, but we are planning on visiting Reba again in August for her last litter.  If you are interested in a pup from this beauty's final whelp - now is a great time to get ahead of the crowd!

                      Genotype:  EEbbdd


We are pleased to announce the addition of 'Silver Spoon's Last Dollar' - "Buc" - recently arrived from Graystone Kennels, Breeder Scott Murphy.  Buc will add to a strong kennel of young 'silver' Labs that will bring many a gorgeous pup to us for a long time to come.



Please meet 'Lovely Lily,' full sister to 'Toots' below, whelped October 18th from Gypsy and Otis.  Lily is a full Champagne ('Dudley') with a eebbdd genotype that will become a wonderful new addition to our breeding stock.  We will breed Lily to our 'full' silver male to produce an all silver litter of Eebbdd pups (yellow factored); or to our silver, 'yellow-factored' male to produce both silver yellow-factored, and more just like Lily.


Jason / Columbia, SC

Genotype: Eebbdd (yellow-factored)



1.       Zeke,  our handsome 2 year old proven stud is AVAILABLE for Sale - $2,600.00.
                    Genotype:  EEbbdd



This is Stella and Otis's wonderful pup from her July 29th whelp - gosh, what a spectacular beauty she is making!  A year from now she will be delivering her own gorgeous pups!

01.30.15 (6 months of age)

Genotype:  Eebbdd (yellow-factored)


This wonderful photo was shared with us from Walt and Melissa of their 8 month old female from Reba and Otis - this photo of Walt and Tess goose hunting made Ducks Unlimited!

For those of you unfamiliar with our spectacular 'silver' Labs, that is Tess on the right :-)

Reba's Pups


Libby - Columbus, OH - "Mac" f/k/a  Mr. Tan

Pat & Russ - Hendersonville, NC - “Ejay Arlo” f/k/a/ Mr. Yellow

John & Elaine - Allen, TX / "Beau", f/k/a Mr. Black

Sebastian - Sumter, SC - "Drake" f/k/a - Mr. Green


Jonathan - Camden, SC - "Bella" f/k/a/ Ms. Purple

Chris - Garden City, SC - "Gray" f/k/a - Ms. Orange

Lynne - Winston Salem , NC - "Lizzie" f/k/a - Ms. Red



Hey, Remember me?

            Genotype:  EEbbdd

I am 'Aw Shucks Sugar', now 7 months old!  Whadda you think - how am I doing?

Here I am at 10 weeks:

Click to enlarge photos



As you can see from below, Sasha's last litter before her most recent August whelp produced both spectacular silver and charcoal pups - no change expected in this one!

                        Genotype: EEBbdd

I hear that Mom now has more like me -  I bet she is ready for a rest!

Some of Sasha's beautiful work:


7 Weeks of Age

7 Weeks of Age





We wanted to share a wonderful picture with you - this young man's name is Colyn - he saved his money and paid for this puppy himself - named him 'Crash' - the joy and happiness in his face is unmistakable - as they say, priceless!


10 months of age

                        Genotype:  EEbbdd



Some of Stella's beautiful work from her second litter:



 OTIS - is our 'stud in residence' - a powerfully built, extremely fast retriever with a wonderful, muscular conformation.  He loves to retrieve as much underwater as upon land.  He has developed into an exceptionally reliable stud that produces large litters and 'drop-dead' gorgeous pups.
 double click to enlarge:

Genotype:  Eebbdd


ZEKE  - This big guy has fence posts for front legs and paws to match - he is going to go 90 lbs or better at maturity - what a sweetie pie!  Zeke will one day soon, charm the kennel - starting with Dee Dee!

Genotype:  EEbbdd

Why choose Silver Spoon Kennel?

Silver Spoon Kennel is built on one simple concept: spoil 'em rotten.  We believe that we have the best dogs and they thereby deserve the best.  We treat our dogs to the best diet available (insert shameless plug here) and treat them better than ourselves!! 



NuVet Plus
If your pet is having skin or coat problems, this is a product you might want to try.  We give each of our dogs one tablet a day and have found that it greatly improves dry, brittle coat, reduces hotspots and is a top-grade supplement to our dog's health.
If you would like to contact NuVet, you may reach them at 800-474-7044; please let them know that we have referred you by giving them Order Code 29301 - it will benefit you and us.

  A Nice Letter

     Once in awhile, someone takes a moment from their very important day to say thank you - here is such a someone and their moment:

"To Silver Spoon Kennel (SSK) Prospective Buyers:

I am writing this letter in support of SSK and their wonderful, beautiful dogs. My name is Nancy and I live in Baltimore, MD. When you visit SSK’s website and they state “best of the best” they are not exaggerating. I have owned labradors for the past 30 years. My children (Alex, 24 and Annie 23) have grown up with a black lab by their side. We ventured into chocolate labs about 10 years ago and have also breed our field trial champion twice.  When I discovered SSK and silver labs, I was hooked.

 My daughter was getting ready to graduate from college and wanted a pup for graduation, to move with her to start the next chapter of her life. And of course it had to be lab.  I sent her a photo of the silver pups from the SSK website and she fell in love.  I called Earl and from our first conversation I knew he was a breeder that I would like to deal with.  The litter we wanted had been sold out and we had to wait about 6 months for the next litter.  It was worth the wait.

Earl is nothing short of amazing. He is always available by email and is able to address all concerns.  Earl made us feel prepared for our new arrival. Earl is so fun to talk to and always in a great mood. SKK organized the flight, vaccinations and micro chipping.

We are now on our 4th month with our little bundle of joy and not a day goes by that someone doesn’t stop us to remark on what a gorgeous, healthy, and intelligent dog we have. I highly recommend Silver Spoon Kennels and cannot stress enough how pleased we are with our experience.

You get what you pay for and SSK gives you your money’s worth. We will be returning to SSK for our second silver Labrador puppy in the near future!

If you have any questions I urge you to reach out to Earl.  If you are interested in a puppy get your deposit in early, SSK litters sells out fast.

 I think I might start an Earl/SSK fan website.

 We try to continue Earl’s motto and spoil ‘em rotten.


Nancy Politsch


"To all Silver Spoon Kennel Prospective Buyers:

I am writing this letter in support to all those interested in purchasing a stunning Labrador Retriever from SSK. My name is Andrew, and I live on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia Canada. I first stumbled upon SSK’s website while researching the ‘best of the best’ in terms of silver Labs. We initially were interested in a chocolate puppy, but once we discovered the silvers we were hooked. I spent many an hour researching who had the finest reputation, and although there were breeders far closer and cheaper, we decided to go with the best – SSK. We originally put a deposit down based on falling in love with the pictures of the parent dogs but to our dismay the planned breeding was postponed almost a full year after we had decided on getting a puppy (mommy didn’t go into heat). Are we glad we waited! 

The breeder (Earl) was nothing short of amazing in his ability to address our concerns and make us feel prepared for our new arrival. SKK organized the flight(s), vaccinations, and micro chipping with the level of proficiency expected of a kennel with such a glowing reputation.

We are now into our 3rd month with our little bundle of joy and not a day goes by that someone doesn’t stop us to remark on what a gorgeous, healthy, and intelligent dog we have. I cannot stress enough how pleased we are with our experience with Silver Spoon Kennel, and I highly recommend them as the perfect place to usher in your new family member.

In this world you get what you pay for. You may find cheaper puppies out there, but I guarantee the quality you receive will not rival SSK’s Labradors. The breeding stock coupled with the insights of their very knowledgeable breeders makes for an easy and reassuring purchasing process. I will 100% be returning to SSK to help welcome in our second silver Labrador puppy in the near future!

If you have any questions I urge you to reach out to Earl and ask – my interactions with him were not only informative but also highly enjoyable. I am also available as a resource (however biased I now am) and Earl can pass on my contact details if so requested.

 Yours in puppy love,

 A. Simmons

Victoria, Canada"

In behalf of Silver Spoon Kennel and myself, thank you, Andrew.

What about dog food?

It's an important question.  You can learn a great deal by taking just a moment to look at and understand the ingredients packaging label on your bag of dry dog food.

Start with this - the higher up the ingredient appears on the label, the more of that ingredient is contained in the food - most of your dog's food will be composed of the first few ingredients on the list - so it is important to know - what are they?

Natural ingredients, with no preservatives or by-products - fruits such as apples, blueberries, carrots and cranberries all have benefits for your dog - in addition to adding a more natural flavor and sweetness than other additives.  Even certain vegetable and tubers get the 'good nod' - sweet potato, yucca and spinach.  DHA - an Omega-3 fatty acid that boosts development of brain cells; Flaxseed - which promotes a healthy digestive system; Kelp - provides fiber and iodine; and, Probiotics - strengthens the digestive system and provides natural antibiotics to boost your dog's immune system.  All Good!

What's Not?

Avoid at all costs anything, where possible, that is labeled as "by-products"
- these are ingredients  that are created from waste parts in the butchering process.  These parts contain no muscle tissue, and are classified as unfit for human consumption.  Meat by-products are things such as lungs, liver, stomach and even bone.

If an ingredient label lists any kind of 'by-product' as one of its first three ingredients - avoid it!

It is best to avoid any product listed as 'artificial' whether it is coloring or flavoring.  Also avoid fillers - parts with little to no nutritional value - these are generally added to foods to increase packaging weight or volume.  Common fillers include soybean, flour, wheat middlings,wheat gluten and corn meal gluten.

Try to purchase dry dog food with as little to no sweeteners or sugar as possible - these sugars might appear on the ingredients list as 'cane sugar, high-fructose corn syrup - they might taste good, but they can greatly compromise the health and longevity of your dog.

What's Good?

Most of the 'holistic' dog foods today, meet the necessary ingredient requirements that we recommend - they start with actual meat - duck, lamb, fish, chicken and beef - all good! (chicken meal is fine - chicken by-product is NOT)

We Have Changes to Recommend

We have found through trial and error that many holistic brand 'puppy' foods are too rich for the digestive systems of young pups, and oftentimes causes diarrhea.  We are currently using Diamonds Natural Large Breed Puppy, but this is simply 'current' personal preference, we will continue to look for the very best.

At present, we do not have a single recommendation that will work for every pup - it is going to require some experimentation to see what brand provides the healthiest diet, the least diarrhea and at an affordable budget for each owner.  When possible, we continue to recommend holistic brands with 'large breed puppy' formulas, for the first 3-5 months, and to then transition into the 'large breed' adult formulas.

We continue to support and recommend holistic brands for adults - our current preference is Fromm Gold Formula for Large Breed
. Three and one-half to four cups a day is appropriate (if using 3 servings - 1.5 cups in the morning, 1 cup at noon and 1.5 cups in the evening).  The pup will normally wean itself from the noon feeding (use 3.5 to 4 cups as a general measure for total intake volume, raising or lowering caloric intake depending on level of activity and whether weight is staying stable).  If weight is increasing too rapidly, reduce the quantity of food by one-half cup - this is going to be a variable amount depending upon the activity level and metabolism of your individual pup.




Just a reminder - there are plenty of lethal dangers to your new puppy and even adults in and around just about every garden and yard in the country.  While this is not an all inclusive list, you should be aware that ingestion of these plants are toxic and can kill or make your pup critically ill (this is not an exhaustive list):

Can cause death:

Azalea / Rhododendrum          Nightshade                              Oleander
English Ivy                    Pokewee, Inkberry              Castor Bean
Hemlock                       English and Japanese Yew   Cyclamen
Jaimson Weed               Sago Palm                           Passion Fruit
Cestrum Diurnum, day blooming jasmine

Please Google for additional information.  If your pet becomes acutely ill, absent a clear explanation, always consider toxic ingestion, whether chemical or plant.

Kennel Odor?

We have found a product that we can recommend - KOE (Kennel Odor Eliminator) manufactured by Thornell Corporation. Our kennel floors are comprised of porous concrete and asphalt and have been a real challenge to effectively remove the bacteria that causes odor.  We have tried a number of products, including bleach, and to date, none have worked as effectively as KOE - hope you find it helpful if you are having similar challenges.



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