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Health Guarantee

At no additional cost:

1.    All breeding stock are screened for Hip and Elbow Dyplasia at 12 and 24+ months of age by the OFA;
2.    All puppies are 'permanently identified' with a Home Again microchip;

3.    All puppies will receive bi-weekly de-wormings between the 2nd through 6th week of age;

4.    All puppies remaining with SSK until 8 weeks of age will receive the first of three, 6-way vaccinations;

5.    Dew claws are removed immediately after whelp;


    A.    Hip and Elbow Warranty

Your new pup is guaranteed to be free from hip and/or elbow dysplasia for a period of 25 months from date of whelp.

In order to preserve this warranty you must prevent your pup from becoming obese, exposed to injury or abuse; and if a female, from being bred during the first 25 months of life.

Should you breed your female pup during this 25 month period, the hip / elbow guarantee is void.

SSK follows and implements the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals [OFA] guidelines for evaluation and grading of hip / elbow dysplasia.

5.    Puppies sold by SSK are guaranteed under OFA standards to have hip and elbow ratings of ‘Fair’ or better if sold with ‘Full’ AKC Registration; and, ‘Borderline’ or better if sold with ‘Limited’ AKC Registration.  Please visit the OFA site for complete information:  http://www.offa.org/hd_grades.html

Hip / elbow dysplasia is not a fully understood condition.  It is believed to be caused by a combination of hereditary (genes), environmental (abuse or injury) and nutritional (food and supplements) factors.

It is a condition that may not appear until after twelve months of age.  The OFA permits a evaluation of hip / elbow x-rays after 12 months of age.  The OFA will issue a ‘preliminary evaluation’ on any diagnostic testing between 12 months of age, up to 24 months.  This testing is not required, but it will or could provide early evidence of a problem should one be present.  It does not rule out the possibility of future dysplasia.

Since the OFA will not provide a ‘Final Evaluation’ until the pup has been x-rayed after having reached 24 months of age, SSK provides one additional month, 25 months, for each buyer to have their pup’s hips and elbows x-rayed, submitted and evaluated by the OFA.  The x-ray must not be taken before the pup reaches 24 months of age to be treated by the OFA as a final evaluation.

SSK will accept only the findings of the OFA as conclusive as to the condition of the dog’s hips and elbows, and those findings must be presented to SSK no later than the end of the 25 month period.

Failure to have the OFA evaluate your dog’s hips and/or elbows during the first 25 months since whelp, voids any further warranty by SSK with respect to problems that may exist with your dog’s hips / elbows.

11.  Since the presence of radiological evidence of dysplasia does not itself indicate disability, there must documented evidence of disability, lameness or physical limitation submitted by a qualified veterinarian along with a rated finding of dysplasia in any dog sold with 'Limited' AKC registration.

    B.    General Health Warranty

Your new pup is guaranteed to be free from all disabling hereditary diseases, illnesses and/or conditions for a period of 12 months from date of whelp.

1.    All puppies are guaranteed by a full-refund or agreed upon compromise, or equivalent puppy replacement, solely at SSK's discretion, for 12 months from the date of purchase for any disabling hereditary or congenital defect, including EIC, PRCD / Eye Disease [SSK does not screen for EIC, PRCD / Eye Disease, but will include such conditions, if disabling under its warranty]; and, 25 months for Hip and/or Elbow Dyplasia as stated above.  In order to protect your puppy under our hip/elbow dysplasia health guarantee - your puppy must be diagnosed by the OFA as having this condition PRIOR TO 24 MONTHS OF AGE - we would recommend a hip and elbow x-ray at 18-20 months of age.  If  your puppy is determined by the OFA to have this disability, you MUST submit the OFA preliminary report to SSK prior to 24 months of age in order to be covered by the health guarantee, regardless of when said condition was determined.
Note:    Silver Spoon Kennel guarantees every dog to the original purchaser only; all claims must be accompanied by a report from a qualified, licensed veterinarian stating that the abnormality is in no way related to environmental cause or abuse to the dog.