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Silver, Charcoal (all dilute) Lab Pups

FULL AKC Registration
- $1,500.00

(up until whelp, less any nonrefundable fees) - $200.00

Shipping  - $400.00

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Non-Silver Lab Pups Offered as Available,
Prices to be Determined Upon Sale



If you would like to reserve an AKC Silver Labrador puppy from SSK, you may do so by placing a $200.00 deposit on the gender of your choice. The deposit is fully refundable up to and including such time as your Silver pup is whelped (less any nonrefundable fees by PayPal or similar credit agencies). Selection of puppies will be determined by the date of the receipt of the deposit. Each buyer shall make a selection based upon gender and/or phenotype (coat color), and will select within that particular gender/phenotype in the order that the deposit was received. If there is an insufficient number of one gender/phenotype, the buyer will be allowed to: (1) select behind all other buyers in the other gender/phenotype; but, if more than one such buyer exists, they shall remain in the same order as originally established in the gender/phenotype for which there is an insufficient number of available puppies; or, (2) may place there deposit on the next available litter, or litter of their choice; or, (3) receive an immediate refund of their deposit.


SSK reserves the right to retain any puppy, AT ANY TIME, from any litter, in order to preserve and improve its breeding line for future development.